Top 5 Foods at Saratoga Race Track

August 26, 2017

As many of you may know, our sister account is @SaratogaBehavior . I spend basically the entire month of August in Saratoga , at the track for the majority of it. These last few weeks I've met so many people that live in Boston at the track or in downtown Saratoga, I thought my New York and New England readers traveling to Saratoga would want the low down on where to find the best food inside the gates. For those of you that don't know-- The Travers is like the Kentucky Derby of Saratoga. Not quite as fancy or as famous--but it's up there. 


With Travers Weekend ahead of us, besides the betting booths and beer stands, the most important spots to know about inside the gates is FOOD. With so many options to choose from, I've narrowed it down to the best options ranging from seafood to burgers so you know exactly where to go when that fifth race hunger sets in. 


1. Lobster Hut- Looking for a little taste of New England at the track? The Lobster Hut has got your back. Not only do they top the charts in taste, but they have some of the healthiest options inside the gates.  Stick with a traditional lobster roll, or get your daily dose of veggies with a tomato blossom or lobster salad on greens. 



Lobster Hut @SaratogaBehavior


2. Mac Truck- Quite the opposite of the previously mentioned healthier options, the Mac Truck is where you go when you’re looking to indulge in some serious cheese and carb heaven. Some of the favorites include mac & cheese loaded with buffalo chicken or pulled pork. After a few bud light’s or spiked seltzer’s —this is the food truck you’ll want to be at.



Mac Truck @passion4snackin


3. Pies-on Wheels -One word: Pizza. Everyone loves pizza and thank god we have an actually good pizza spot at the track. What’s unique about Pies-on Wheels is their portable wood fired oven that they bring right into the track and cook made to order pies right in front of you. The high intensity oven only takes a couple of minutes to cook so the longest part of waiting for your pizza will be the line to order because it’s so popular. 


 Pies-on Wheels @Fabulousnbroke


4. Hattie's-If you’re a Food Network fanatic like I am, it’s no easy feat to beat Bobby Flay. But guess what, Hattie’s did it! Of course we’ve tested it out for ourselves (a lot), just to make sure it lives up to the hype—and boy does it. Hattie’s is consistently crunchy yet juicy with just the right seasoning and spices. Try the traditional fried chicken or the chicken sandwich that was created at the track and pair it with some of their delicious sides like cranberry coleslaw or a refreshing cucumber salad. 


Hattie's @Upstate_foodies518


5. Shake Shack - Saratoga Race Course is seriously the only place in Upstate New York that you can find Shake Shack. Take advantage of this --especially if you are from the area and have been living your life without these life changing burgers and crinkle cut fries. Located right next to the Paddock, enjoy a burger (or two) and watch the horses saddle up!


Shake Shack @oatmygawd


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