Restaurant Review: Coppersmith

April 4, 2017

If you haven’t noticed by our Instagram pictures already, we’re suckers for a good Southie Sunday, and love brunch at any Southie restaurant. May be due to the fact that I (Danielle) live there, and it’s a lot easier to walk 10 minutes down the road when you’re hungover than venture into the depths of Back Bay.


Our latest Southie brunch adventure was to Coppersmith. It wasn’t our first time, and it certainly won’t be our last. In our last post we talked about taking advantage of deals like Dine Out Boston, and being the savvy (or cheap) diners that we are, we used a voucher from Gilt City for this brunch. For just $28 ($14 each) the voucher included two drinks, a shared plate appetizer, and two brunch entrees. For reference, just a drink at Coppersmith averages about $10-$14, so this was an amazing deal.


Coppersmith is notorious for their service. If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, just a heads up, expect to wait an above average amount of time for drinks and food. This is a deal breaker for some people, but personally, I think their amazing Bloody Mary bar and food that never disappoints makes up for it.


Speaking of BLOODY MARY BAR—let’s move on to the amazing food and drinks that keep us coming back to Coppersmith.  


My brunch drink of choice is always a Bloody Mary, the spicier and more toppings the better.  What makes Coppersmith’s Bloody Mary Bar so great is the option to use plain tomato juice and add your desired spices, or use their house mix. I go for the house mix plus add in some extra horseradish and red pepper flakes for some more kick. Next, grab a skewer and start stacking. One problem is their choices of toppings are not always consistent. I’ve had a Coppersmith Bloody Mary loaded with toppings and other’s that I’ve gone simply with a lemon, lime, and pickle.  They DO NOT skimp on the Vodka though, and this picture proves it.



Now that we were happy with drinks in our hand, it was time for the appetizer. We wouldn’t normally order an app, but since it was included in the Gilt voucher, we decided to try something new. Per the recommendation of our waitress, we ordered “Carmen’s Fresh Pupusas.” Yes, we had the same thought—what the heck is a Pupusa? Turns out it’s a really yummy thick corn tortilla filled with various cheeses, veggies, or meat. These happened to be filled with spinach and farmer's cheese, served with coleslaw and a delicious salsa.



The best part of dining with friends is sharing meals, especially when you can’t decide to go with a savory or sweet brunch. I’m a sucker for anything served in a skillet, and I looove yolk-y eggs, so the Shakshuka was a no brainer choice for me. Kelsey wanted to try that also, so we balanced the meal with hands down, the most delicious French toast I’ve ever had. I’m not normally a sweet breakfast kind of girl, but I would 100% order this French toast again. The bread is fried (calories don’t exist during brunch), and topped with a blueberry compote and orange-maple syrup. If you’re a savory breakfast person like me but are ever in the mood to try something sweet, go to Coppersmith and get the French toast! But, bring friends and make them order something else that you can try also. :)






Overall, Coppersmith is a winner in our book. The Bloody Mary Bar, amazing food, and open, industrial atmosphere outweigh the subpar service anyday.

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