The Y Society’s First Wine Night Wednesday & the Launch of Boston Behavior

March 3, 2017


After leaving the Y Society’s first Wine Night Wednesday, we felt inspired to officially launch our website and jump into the blogging world. So, here it is - flaws and all - but let’s be real, we’ve got some pretty awesome food pics ;)


The theme of the wine night was “Sh*t They Don’t Tell You About Starting Up.” Co-founders of the Y Society, Sarah and Abbey, led the discussion (with help from their good friend, Nina) literally about shit that young people, specifically women, may not know about starting a business. We heard from women that have established businesses, women like us with an idea and the start of a potential business, and women with the entrepreneurial drive but no clue what they want to do with it.


One key question of the night was when does a business become a business? Is it when you buy your URL? When you purchase your LLC? When you have your first profitable event? As a group, we came to the conclusion, it’s a business when you declare it a business -- but it also will never be perfect. That was our biggest hesitation here. We wanted this blog to be perfect before sharing it with all of you, but after listening to Sarah, Abbey, Nina, and the other determined women in the room talk about just jumping in and making the most of it -- we’re following their lead.


So this is it, this is the start of our Boston-based food & lifestyle blog, Boston Behavior. We hope Boston Behavior will be the place you turn to when you’re looking for a bomb restaurant to impress your friends visiting from (the inferior) New York City, the best rooftop bar to sip sangria on, or where to find that free yoga class everyone seems to be at.


Thank you so much to everyone reading this so far. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures in Boston as much as we will love sharing them with you!


-Kelsey & Danielle

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