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February 9, 2018

Happy National Pizza Day! I love a good cheese pizza as much as the next person--but do you know what I really love? Crazy pizzas with toppings you’d never imagine! These aren’t ranked in order--because how can you really compare scallion pancake pizza to a caesar salad pizza? But just a list of awesome restaurants around Boston where you can find some unique pizza’s to celebrate what should be a government recognized holiday.

1. Double Chin (Chinatown)-- SCALLION PANCAKE PIZZA

When you can’t deci...

Carrie Reynolds is a Boston local, proudly born and raised in the city. Carrie decided to try the paleo diet a few years ago when she joined her first CrossFit box and never turned back! Since then, she has completed multiple rounds of Whole30 and is a bonafide paleo (and french fry) enthusiast.

To help keep her accountable, Carrie started the Instagram account, @flavors_of_fresh, to document her food-journey in the Summer of 2016 and it has become much more! Carrie creates original paleo-friendl...

July 27, 2017

You know that feeling in the summer when it's just too damn hot to eat any food that's remotely warm? And you'd rather just not eat than shove another piece of lettuce in your mouth? Yeah, same. Well, here is the perfect summer salad that's both refreshing and lettuce-free! It gets even better...there are only 6 ingredients! It is also great to make ahead of time because it’s served cold and can be kept in the fridge.

My friend posted a picture of this dish on Snapchat and I messaged her right aw...

June 28, 2017

Isn’t it crazy how much more energy you have to workout in the summer? If you’re like me and crave those warm summer days to actually enjoy working out – I have the top fitness classes you should check out around the city this summer. The best part? They’re all free.

So, when the clock hits 5:00, be sure to leave your cubicle and soak up what’s left of the sunshine & get your sweat on with a variety of Boston's best instructors.

Sweat with a View:

Seaport Sweat is personally my favorite of the...

June 23, 2017

With warm weather finally upon us, Bostonian's are starting to wander towards fruity summer cocktails and the rooftops they’re served on. While a chilled glass of rose or buckets of Corona’s are almost always guaranteed a good time, the atmosphere in which they’re consumed at may make or break your evening.  

Have no fear – with our (major) obsession with rooftops, we have a run down of Boston’s best rooftop bars for any type of night you had in mind – whether it’s after-work drinks (which we’re...

May 26, 2017

While it is said that Boston comes alive in the summertime, warm weekends are still notoriously dedicated to escaping the city. Living in New England means there are endless possibilities that are just a drive away – but Cape Cod is always the go-to. With Memorial Day this weekend – and many of us heading down to the Cape, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint exactly where to go. We’ve got you covered, though - below is a complete guide on how to make the most of your weekend getaway to the...

May 18, 2017

I’ve always been skeptical of the meditation and mindfulness trend that’s been taking over the news lately. I’ve never been able to successfully meditate – not even at a yoga class – I just can’t turn my brain off. I’m more of a sweat until you’re tired kind-of-girl, but when my anxiety started reaching an all-time high, I was desperate to try anything.

For Christmas, my boss gifted each of us with Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, which is about the third metric of success, happiness (the other...

May 2, 2017

Cinco de Mayo, aka Cinco de Drinko, is always a night to remember (or should we say to not remember). With so many places to celebrate and tequilas to drink, we've compiled a list of our favorite places to drink margaritas at to help with your decision! We've also included any Cinco de Mayo celebrations to help you out. 

1. Loco Taqueria (Southie): You already know our love for Southie spots, but no matter where Loco was located, I’d travel for their Coco Margarita. It goes down a little too eas...

April 4, 2017

If you haven’t noticed by our Instagram pictures already, we’re suckers for a good Southie Sunday, and love brunch at any Southie restaurant. May be due to the fact that I (Danielle) live there, and it’s a lot easier to walk 10 minutes down the road when you’re hungover than venture into the depths of Back Bay.

Our latest Southie brunch adventure was to Coppersmith. It wasn’t our first time, and it certainly won’t be our last. In our last post we talked about taking advantage of deals like Dine O...

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